Tips for Administering Hemp Oil

There are multiple ways to deliver hemp oil– some are more practical than others for your pet. BIXBI Hemp Oil tinctures use a dropper as a fast, convenient way to give your pet the hemp oil and naturally occurring CBD they need. The most effective way to administer BIXBI Hemp Oil is to use the dropper to apply the hemp oil directly to your dog’s mouth on an empty stomach.

Some dogs find the process of taking the hemp oil stressful, usually because they are uncomfortable being restrained or having their nose and mouth touched. These are often dogs that could really benefit from CBD. If your dog doesn’t like the process of taking hemp oil, here are a few things you can try:

The Magic Dropper

Before diving right in with the Hemp Oil, get your dog acquainted with the process by putting some RAWBBLE Wet Food, peanut butter or another tasty treat on the end of the dropper. This will get your dog’s interest and help you fine-tune your technique. Do this before administering the Hemp Oil, especially when the process is new to your dog. Follow up the whole process with a small delicious treat, like a Pocket Trainer or piece of RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried and praise your dog. 

Bring in the Bark Pops

Believe it or not, Bark Pops pair nicely with BIXBI Hemp Oil. These crunchy puffs act as a sponge, soaking up the oil and making CBD delivery super easy. If your pup is new to Bark Pops, give them one before its dipped in CBD.