Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment

The mission of Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment is to cultivate, inspire and produce dog teams for successful avalanche search and rescue. With over seventy volunteer members, C-RAD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to high-level training and resources for avalanche dog teams in Colorado. Training combines traditional search and rescue methods with specialized avalanche deployment systems to expedite rescue of avalanche victims in the mountains.
BIXBI is proud to call Colorado home. Our team members (both four legs and two) love getting outdoors, it’s almost a prerequisite. It goes without saying then that we appreciate those who make it safer for us to access the outdoors. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to support the dogs of the C-RAD program. Want to learn more about C-RAD? You can support them yourself by donating to their organization or by picking up some of the cool gear on their website! Check out C-Rad.org
All of the amazing C-RAD pup photos courtesy of Dave Camara