The importance of a food’s digestibility should not be overlooked. Protein digestibility measures how efficiently your dog absorbs essential nutrients from their food. High protein digestibility provides more absorbable nutrients to your dog. Minimally processed protein, cooked only once delivers more bioavailable nutrients than rendered meal powders. In fact, fresh meat is proven to be more digestible, have better amino acid absorption and provide more energy to dogs.

Digestibility Aids in...

Itchy Skin & Coat

Common issues like constant itching, a dull or flaky coat and hot spots can be indicators of low protein digestibility. Some important nutrients that support, maintain and regenerate healthy skin and fur must be absorbed through your dog’s daily food. Foods with higher protein digestibility lead to more absorbed nutrients to keep your dog’s skin and coat looking and feeling healthy.

Aching joints

Active and aging dogs often have stiff or aching joints that cause discomfort. It is important that dogs are digesting enough protein to provide essential nutrients to support bone and muscle health. High protein digestibility provides more absorbable nutrients.

Sensitive stomach

Many dogs with sensitive stomachs overreact to changes in their diet or environment. These dogs may not be getting the digestive support they need. High protein digestibility provides a higher proportion of absorbable nutrients so your dog can get nutrients easier.


Transparent with our results

Each type of RAWBBLE has multiple recipe options. We have variety in form, flavor and price so that you can create a feeding program that best suits your pup’s needs.

Regardless of which BIXBI RAWBBLE products you choose, rest easy knowing our protein digestibility is one of the highest in the industry! Every recipe has it’s digestibility percentage on its product page because we know BIXBI’s sky-high digestibility means your dog gets usable, whole food nutrition in every bowl. It’s a difference you will see and they will feel.