Dog Food Toppers

Best for...

A dash of delicious with a bunch of benefits, BIXBI toppers are the perfect way to combat a picky eater and add extra nutrition. Paired perfectly with RAWBBLE or LIBERTY dry recipes, our toppers are sure to keep the tails wagging and the bowls clean.

Fresh Meat. No Meal.

We use only fresh meat because highly processed ingredients like meals limit nutrient bioavailability.

Don’t be fooled. Meat meals are not meat. They are a waste product marketed as a high protein ingredient. Denatured by several applications of high heat, meat meals are much less digestible than fresh meat. The multiple applications of high heat also allow for the use of extremely unsavory ingredients in meat meal, even as bad as using animals who have died from disease according to the FDA.

Superior Digestibility

Digestibility indicates a food's ability to deliver essential nutrients, which is a key indicator of quality. BIXBI's food averages over 90%, and we're proud of that, which is why you can find each one of our recipes digestibility numbers published on their product page. Just another level of clarity to the benefits of BIXBI.

BIXBI’s meal free approach is a very unique point of difference. Each Dry, Wet or Freeze-Dried recipe only uses fresh meat and does NOT include rendered meals. By using fresh meats, BIXBI delivers an amino acid profile with superior digestibility and macronutrient balance to maximize canine health. Our hyper-focus on gut, renal and colon health, protein absorption, amino acid profiles and liver function has led to ingredient panels we feel are second to none.

One Food For All Life Stages

Perfect for puppies, adults and seniors.

BIXBI Dog Food supports all life stages with optimal protein levels, balanced nutrients and minerals and healthy sources of fats and fatty acids. BIXBI is as good for puppies as it is beneficial for seniors.