Born in 1991, Amy Balch was raised in Devon, England, surrounded by dogs, farm animals and endless art and crafting tools. After studying art & design and textiles right through to college, she completed a degree in Fashion Design before traveling the world. It was in 2015, when based in Zurich, that Amy seriously began illustrating wild animals.

As Amy’s skills developed, commissions began to arrive for portraits of dogs. Amy has been heavily involved in dog showing from her early years and enjoyed many successes so this development in her artistic career was seen as a natural progression.

Amy is now best known for her animal artworks in which she creates life and movement using a limited and subtle color palette. An emotional and instinctive mark maker, Amy works in black ink and acrylic paints layered together with delicate drawn pen lines to immortalize her animal muses on paper. 

Amy lives in Somerset with her dogs and dedicates her life to art, messiness and adventuring. 

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"I enjoy working from candid photographs because that's where the character comes through: A wonkey brow, a sloppy lip, a stinking side eye, or a big panting smile..."

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