Born in 1987 Cielle Graham is a French-New Zealander illustrator based in Montreal, Canada.

She grew up in the French alps and studied at French animation school EMCA, going into the field with a fascination for movement and animals.

Graduating in 2009 seeking to get closer to the natural rhythms and finding animation industry work too constricting, she took her chance at farming. In 2013, unable to find her peace in the office or in the fields she went for the open road traveling, giving herself time to get back in tune.

It is in this space that in 2015 she discovered a medium that she continues to work with today, creating very intricate large scale drawings using pen and ink, a labour of many hours.

Having spent a lot of time outdoors over the years, observing and feeling the obvious connection between all living things but unable to articulate it, she has come to think of her drawings as not featuring humans or animals, but giving form to a kind of energy that is always with us, constantly moving and taking on different shapes.

Her work deals with that which is observed on the outside and felt within. The animal within the human, the wild within. Creating the drawings has been an outlet to arrive at some kind of integration of these moving emotions. Her works have been part of group shows in the USA and France.

See more of Cielle’s art and follow her on Instagram.

"Dogs are not quite wild but not quite civilized either, carrying attributes of both without censoring any of it. They are so familiar and relatable, and such a part of our human lives, the wild beast that sleep on our couches."

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