DROOL: When do you feel you first found success in the world of art, and how have you grown since then?
Gillian: It’s hard to say as it’s such an ongoing process. I think it would be when I sold my first painting. It was a small painting at a local exhibition but I was so thrilled that someone I didn’t know bought a piece of art I had created. I still get such a buzz when anyone buys a piece of art from me!
Since that first sale I’ve now got work for sale in two galleries local to me and also take commissions.
DROOL: How did you discover your voice in art?
Gillian: When I started to draw what I love – animals – and in particular dogs!
DROOL: What compels you to keep driving forward as an artist? How do you aspire to grow as an artist this year?
Gillian: I am my own harshest critic and can easily find fault with my work and so this drives me forward to do better each time I start a new piece.
I tell myself I will grow as an artist by trying new things but I always go back to my favourite pen and ink!
DROOL: What about dogs attracts you to them as subjects for your artwork?
Gillian: I absolutely love dogs. All dogs! They are such characters and this is what makes me want to draw them; I want to capture that character and try to get other people to see how amazing they are. I love the different fur textures and enjoy the challenge of drawing the fur.
DROOL: If you had to choose one dog breed to characterize who you are, what breed would it be and why?
Gillain: I think I would be a mix of several breeds to be honest but in appearance probably the Irish wolfhound as I’m also tall and have scruffy hair like they do.
DROOL:Which do you prefer: dogs or people, and why?
Gillian: Dogs! They are just so pure. Dogs have no hidden agenda, they are genuine, kind hearted and incredibly forgiving.
DROOL: Anything else you want to share with the dog-loving humans of Earth?
Gillian: Be more dog. And adopt don’t shop.
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