Making Sacrifices in Pursuit of a Life Well Lived

If you collect records, you have to make peace with a certain degree of misunderstanding. Upon seeing your collection proudly displayed and alphabetized, people often demand to know, “Do records really sound any better?” or, “They actually still make those?” or — my personal favorite — a nice, succinct, “But why?” Dog owners are also …

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Through Puppy Eyes

The road is my home. All of my adult life I have traveled the world, meeting fascinating people with stories to share and seeing firsthand the oddities that hide in the hardest-to-reach spots. But this wayward life is not without sacrifice; often it takes more than it gives, and it requires forgoing personal desires in …

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Magic Mork

Oh, Mork is so little! I don’t know why I expected a larger dog: a knee-high fellow with a big wrinkly face, hamburger-bun paws, and a long, wibbly-wobbly tail. Maybe it’s because Mork’s caretaker, Nikki Carvey, runs an L.A.-based dog rescue called Road Dogs & Rescue that specializes in bulldogs, or maybe it’s because Mork …

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