The Cannissance

Your 130-pound mastiff, Franklin, is standing rigidly at your front door. You can feel his deep, low growl vibrating your hand on his collar as you talk to your landlord about the upcoming rent increase. You’re trying to stay calm and slow your breathing, because you know from prior experiences that things can go from …

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First Dogs

For all its gravitas, the splendor of its neoclassical architecture, its tennis court, bowling alley, swimming pool, 128 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, and five full-time chefs, the sandstone edifice at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is still, in the most basic sense, a house. And when it comes to making a house feel like home, a …

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The Dogist

In 2013, Elias Friedman unexpectedly lost his job in corporate marketing and suddenly needed to stay busy and keep his creativity on boil. Scrolling through Instagram, he recognized the success of pages like The Sartorialist and Humans of New York, which spotlighted humans met on the streets of Manhattan and shared short stories about their …

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