The scene is all too familiar: her nose is pulled to the ground, her sniffing ramps up, and a sudden pull on her leash steers you off course. Her frantic circling begins while you search for a crumpled-up bag in your pocket. You can’t believe how particular she is about finding a spot, and you can’t believe you lick your fingers to open the bag before picking up her shit. She curls into the shape of a question mark, and you stare at her, almost obsessively, because you’ve got to make sure she’s healthy, and that she didn’t actually eat all that pizza crust the night before. Then, you accidentally make eye contact; for an animal that has no concept of personal space or boundaries, she looks surprising alarmed by your inconsiderate gaze. She stands up as you kneel down, the bag over your hand, and she kicks up grass into your face.
If you’ve ever walked around your neighborhood swinging around a steaming bag of crap, there’s a good chance you have a dog. Let’s hope so anyway. For as different as every dog is, there’s one “dooty” that unites them all, and we’re not talking about unconditional love. As illustrator and printer, Ryan Duggan, says, “Even serious dogs have to poop in full public view.” Duggan is a Chicago-based illustrator, designer, and printer. He started this series of artwork in 2014 as a personal project and continues to add to it yearly. Ryan shares his home with his partner and sweet pup, Patty, whose “pooping face” is endearingly compared to “the facial expression of a woman who’s worked the overnight shift at a Waffle House for 25 years.”
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