Customer satisfaction is a top priority at BIXBI Pet. If you’re ever unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Quality Assurance

Recently it has made the news that the FDA is investigating a potential connection between diet and cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and cats. According to the American College of Veterinary Medicine, DCM is one of the most common heart diseases in dogs. While the FDA investigation is ongoing, they continue to reiterate “the underlying cause of DCM is truly unknown” and “most dogs in the U.S. have been eating pet food without apparently developing DCM.”

RAWBBLE Dry Food uses carefully selected animal-based proteins and no rendered meat meal, which is why you won’t find added synthetic amino acids in our recipes. Additionally, taurine itself is naturally present from fresh animal ingredients abundantly available in RAWBBLE. ​We regularly conduct digestibility tests, blood plasma studies, feeding trials and routine amino acid verification to ensure our recipes are safe and nutritious. All our recipes meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by AAFCO as Complete and Balanced. To learn more about our commitment to producing safe, healthy and nutritious food for your dog, please read our white paper on RAWBBLE amino acid profiles here.

We only source high-quality, whole foods from the USA, and we use local and fresh produce whenever it’s available.

We test each and every batch of our food and treats for Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria. And our products undergo rigorous testing for contaminants and environmental toxins such as BPA, lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium, pesticides, antibiotics and melamine.

At BIXBI Pet, we take the production of our pet food very seriously. We maintain the highest quality standards and safety procedures to guarantee that BIXBI foods and treats are the absolute best in their class.

What does that mean? Well for starters it means that our facilities are audited on an ongoing basis by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure strict food safety standards are maintained. Additionally, each of our facilities has Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) food safety regulations.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make things right.

Customers should return items within 30 days from the original purchase date. We are unable to accept returns made after 30 days from the original purchase date, except at the discretion of our customer service team.We are unable to accept returns on expired products.Please visit our Return Policy page for more details.You may also reach out to us at info@bixbipet.com.

We cannot guarantee product sold by unauthorized third party sellers on Amazon.com or Jet.com. You can identify them because the products are not sold by and fulfilled by Amazon or Jet. Additionally, we do not sell RAWBBLE foods online through etailers like Amazon.com, Chewy.com or Jet.com. If you purchased any RAWBBLE item online (Amazon, Chewy, Jet, etc.) and not through an independent pet retailer, your RAWBBLE purchase is not covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

Rawbble Food Family

BIXBI RAWBBLE food uses all fresh meat and no meals. Additionally, RAWBBLE only uses whole food ingredients that are rich in nutrients and highly digestible.  

Our dry, freeze-dried and wet food offers the convenience of a kibble with the nutritional benefits of fresh meat. RAWBBLE uses carefully selected animal-based proteins, such as fresh poultry, eggs, meat and organs, which is why you won’t find added synthetic amino acids in our recipes. Unlike meals that undergo harsh processing at rendering facilities, our fresh meat retains the naturally occurring amino acids found in fresh animal protein.

Meat meals are the by-product of a waste product. They are rendered at high temperatures, then dried at high temperatures, then cooked once more. Meals are a powder used in pet food for protein enhancement.

The processing condition of raw ingredients greatly affects the quality and digestibility of protein-based ingredients. Minimally cooked protein delivers a higher quality protein than meal. Fresh meat is proven to have higher levels of metabolized energy when compared to meals

RAWBBLE uses only fresh meat and emphasized whole food nutrition with balanced macronutrient profiles, low-glycemic carbohydrate sources and dietary fiber balance.

Rendering is a high heat cooking process that removes fat and moisture from raw ingredients to produce a meal.

Natural flavoring is commonly added to dog food to provide enhanced flavor and palatability. It’s best described as a highly concentrated protein, similar to bouillon. For example, natural vegetable flavor is the natural ingredient made from vegetables.

Whenever available, we use only the acetate and other natural forms of vitamins. This means that whenever possible our vitamins are derived from natural sources and are not synthetic. Additionally, our vitamins and minerals are never sourced from China.

BIXBI uses the Waltham Method to calculate feeding guidelines. Waltham produced guidelines for nutrient requirements using clinical research and scientific evidence for companion animals and updates these guidelines every two years.

It’s important to note that feeding guideline vary based on a number of factors such as activity level, age and pregnant or lactating mothers. To account for these variety of factors, we’ve provided detailed feeding guidelines for pet owners. The suggested servings are guidelines and may need to be adjusted based on each individual dog’s needs.

We’ve worked carefully to formulate recipes balanced for all life stages. RAWBBLE recipes support growing puppies, adult dogs and aging seniors with optimal protein levels and healthy sources of fats.

We take pride in sourcing high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers in the USA. All of our products are made right here in the USA.

With the exception of New Zealand Lamb and French Duck, all of our ingredients are sourced in the USA. We use local, fresh ingredients whenever possible. Our chickens and ducks are cage-free, our beef is pasture fed and our fish is wild caught is the Pacific Northwest.

All of our fish proteins are wild caught from the Pacific Northwest.

Food allergies are allergies triggered by the protein component of the ingredient. Salmon oil does not contain protein and would not trigger an allergic response.

Not to worry! The moisture scavengers we use in our Freeze Dried Rawbble are made from 3 grams of Silica Gel Desiccant which is not a large enough amount for your dog to have toxicity issues. If your dog accidentally ingests this, the gel will absorb 3 grams of water within their stomach. We recommendation making sure your dog drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated

We support independent pet specialty retailers and value their knowledge and commitment to pet nutrition. We would like RAWBBLE consumers to purchase our foods from these independent pet stores. If your favorite store doesn’t carry RAWBBLE please ask them to bring it in for you. Our store locator may be of help, and we are adding stores every week.

We cannot guarantee products purchased from Jet.com, Walmart.com, Ebay.com or any other national reseller. RAWBBLE products purchased through these sites were not authorized by BIXBI and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Although we don’t send out free samples, we do have Sample Packs offering four samples of dry and three samples of freeze-dried RAWBBLE. The sample packs are $5 but include a coupon good for $5 off your next order. Check out the Sample Pack.


Eggs are non-fertilized, which means the eggs have a different amino acid profile than chicken and are safe for dogs with chicken allergies.

RAWBBLE is an extruded dry food. Extruded kibble is cooked and formed in the extruder and dried in the dryer. A baked kibble is formed using a mold and then cooked and dried in the oven. The process varies slightly with the same end result.

At BIXBI we believe less is more. Therefore, we use just 12-13 ingredients per formula plus our vitamins. To read why we chose each ingredient for RAWBBLE, visit our online glossary.

The carbohydrate content of RAWBBLE Dry Food is approximately 36%.

Although we don’t send out free samples, we do have Sample Packs offering four samples of dry and three samples of freeze-dried RAWBBLE. The sample packs are $5 but include a coupon good for $5 off your next order. Check out the Sample Pack.


No. Our wet food is not raw. All wet food is cooked to ensure it is free of any pathogens. Unlike many wet dog foods, RAWBBLE is made with 95-97% single-source meat, liver and broth. We ONLY use fresh meat, never meat meals. Additionally, RAWBBLE does not have carrageenan or other gums commonly used in wet food. We use agar-agar, which is a health vegan alternative to chemically extruded carrageenan and other gums.

If you are looking for a raw option, we recommend RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs. It pairs very well with our RAWBBLE Wet or Dry Food.

Agar-agar is a healthy vegan gelatin substitute to the other gelatins commonly found in wet food.

Carrageenan and gums are commonly used in canned food as a binder or thickening agent. Carrageenan is also commonly thought to have inflammatory properties, and gums have been linked to obstructions in the small bowel.

While carrageenan and agar-agar are both derived from seaweed, carrageenan is the chemically derived product of kelp, while agar-agar is the natural product of red algae.

RAWBBLE Freeze Dried Food

You certainly can add water to re-hydrate Rawbble; however, it is not necessary. If you choose to rehydrate Rawbble, provide a 1:2 ratio of water to Rawbble. (ie. 1/2 cup water for 1 cup Rawbble). We have not had any circumstances where a pet’s stomach was bloated or extended due to consuming Rawbble. It is always important to provide your dog with plenty of water while feeding on Rawbble.

If you are looking for a raw option, we recommend RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs. It pairs very well with our RAWBBLE Wet or Dry Food.

Yes. We use High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP kills pathogenic bacteria through high-pressure water based technology. It is a USDA approved process and ensures our products are safe for you to handle and your dog to enjoy!

When we reformulated RAWBBLE we added chicken to our fish recipe to achieve the best desired texture and consistency.

We’re constantly refining and improving our products. After we launched RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried, a lot of our consumers requested it be rehydratable. You’ll notice that our new formula is slightly softer, which is better for rehydration. Additionally, RAWBBLE now has higher protein levels and better packaging. Our ingredient panel is still one of the best in the industry plus we’ve kept the convenience of our small kibble-like shapes. We also were able to lower our price!

Although we don’t send out free samples, we do have Sample Packs offering four samples of dry and three samples of freeze-dried RAWBBLE. The sample packs are $5 but include a coupon good for $5 off your next order. Check out the Sample Pack.

Jerky Treats

The glucosamine and chondroitin in our Hip & Joint Jerky is a great, daily supplemental amount. Both our glucosamine and our chondroitin are USA sourced from natural sources. Our chondroitin is extracted from bovine cartilage tissue, and our glucosamine is the only 100% vegetarian glucosamine on the market.

Both our glucosamine and our chondroitin are USA sourced from natural sources. Our chondroitin is extracted from bovine cartilage tissue, and our glucosamine is the only 100% vegetarian glucosamine on the market. It is manufactured through a patented fermentation process to harvest from a vegetable source grown in the USA.

Our jerky is produced in small batches so the size of each stick varies. This means the calories per stick vary too. Approximate kcal/stick:

Chicken = 82 kcal ME/stick
Beef Liver = 73.7 kcal ME/stick
Salmon = 93.5 kcal ME/stick

There are 2,400 mg/kg; 34 mg/stick of glucosamine and 1,200 mg/kg; 17 mg/stick of chondroitin. Both our glucosamine and our chondroitin are USA sourced from natural sources.

Our jerky is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality product, and as a result, you may notice variability in each batch. Just like homemade cookies, every batch of jerky will differ slightly.

Pocket Trainers

Yes, all BIXBI products are made in the USA.

No, none of our products contain xylitol or artificial sweeteners.

Maple syrup is a natural preservative and helps our Trainers remain moist and delicious for your pup to enjoy!

Bark Pops

Bark Pops are made in a human grade facility and safe for both you and your dog to enjoy. Just make sure next time he saves some Pops for your pup too!

Mushroom Supplements

It’s best to keep BIXBI supplements at room temperature. Exposure to moisture for long periods of time will reduce the shelf life of the product.

Sometimes we hear from customers who received their order of supplements in the mail and they’re concerned that the canister of mushrooms was sitting in a hot mailbox for an afternoon. Not to worry! Our supplements are unaffected by temperatures under 121 ̊C (249 ̊F).

If you are having trouble feeding the supplement to your pet, we recommend mixing it with peanut butter or broth. This turns it into a gravy, which pets often love!

Yes, you can double the dose of our supplement(s) for the first week. After one week, please reduce to the recommended dose.

BIXBI supplements are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Our Joints formula contains Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®), which is not organic. However all other ingredients in this formula are certified USDA organic.

It is safe for your pet with chicken allergies to take the Joints supplement. However, because NEM is from the membrane of an egg, we do not recommend the Joint supplement for pets with an egg allergy.

Safe use in pregnant, breeding or nursing dogs has not been proven. It is important to contact your vet before administering any supplements to your pregnant or nursing dog.

Yes, our supplements are safe for all ages and breeds.

We dry the mushrooms in a HEPA filtered forced air dryer at 160-180 degrees. Beta Glucans (Polysaccharides) are very heat stable and are not damaged by these temperatures.

It is safe to give your pet two BIXBI supplements at once. By giving your pet two supplements, there are a variety of biologically active compounds that can be effective. We do not recommend combing more than 2 supplements.


Each dog will react differently, and some benefits may be noticed within an hour, while others may take several days. We recommend administering BIXBI Hemp Oil for at least a week before adjusting the dose.
BIXBI Hemp Oil is most beneficial if it is administered daily, for at least a week. Each dog’s system will react differently, and some benefits may be noticed before others.
Peer-reviewed scientific evidence suggests CBD is clinically effective at or around about 45mg/dose in a 40lb dog, or 1.125mg per pound of dog. However, every pet is different, not all pets require clinical-strength dosing, and pet parents need the ability to control how much CBD they give their pet. Therefore, BIXBI offers products dosed at half the clinical strength – pet parents can find the dose that works for their pet, while ensuring that whatever dose they give their pet contains a meaningful amount of CBD – more than almost all other pet hemp brands. When trying BIXBI Hemp Oil with your pet, we recommend giving your pet the same dose for at least 7 days before trying a higher dose.
It is best to start with the recommended dose for a week and then adjust from there. Make sure to observe your pet closely and contact your vet if you have any concerns.
There are multiple ways to deliver hemp oil– some are more practical than others for your pet. BIXBI Hemp Oil tinctures use a dropper as a fast, convenient way to give your pet the hemp oil and naturally occurring CBD they need. The most effective way to administer BIXBI Hemp Oil is to use the dropper to apply the hemp oil directly to your dog’s mouth on an empty stomach. If your dog is resistant to this, we have also found that putting drops on a treat like Bark Pops is a great way as well.
It may take longer for your pet to feel the effects, but your pet will still benefit from BIXBI Hemp Oil.
Absolutely. Hemp oil is a potent antioxidant, which is great for keeping your healthy pet at his or her best!
Safe use in puppies and pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
No, BIXBI Hemp Oil verifies non-detectable levels of THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis that produces the “high”. THC is also toxic to dogs. Federal law requires all hemp products to have less than 0.3% THC. While this is the legal limit, pets may respond adversely to any levels of THC. BIXBI Pet Hemp Oil tested by two ISO 17025 accredited labs to verify non-detectable levels of THC at or below 0.05%, purity and accurate levels of naturally occurring CBD.
We recommend properly sealing the tincture after every use and storing the bottle at room temperature. We use amber glass tincture bottles to provide excellent UV protection since sunlight can shorten the shelf life of the product.
We’ve decided to deliver our hemp oil and naturally occurring CBD in a carrier oil. MCT oil is the most commonly used carrier oil in the industry. MCT oil, or medium-chain-triglyceride oil, is a highly refined form of coconut oil. BIXBI has decided not use MCT oil for two important reasons. First, MCT oil can be bioactive in dogs – which means the oil itself may affect the dog’s digestion or other important processes. Second, MCT oil is almost universally contaminated with heavy metals and other undesirable compounds. As a result, BIXBI uses organic hemp seed oil which has been tested and certified clean and pure.
BIXBI Hemp Oil has a subtle, earthy flavor. We use organic hemp seed oil as our carrier oil, which is often described as tasting a bit like walnuts or sunflower seeds. Our hemp seed oil has been tested and certified clean and pure.
Our hemp is sourced from Oregon and Colorado.
For BIXBI, hemp oil is extracted from the plant using an ethanol-based extraction, which is then distilled and purified using column chromatography. We use ethanol-based extraction because, of the three main solvent-based extraction methods (ethanol, supercritical CO2, and hydrocarbons), ethanol is the most effective, and is easily remediated.
Any CBD company claiming they use supercritical CO2 because it is “not a solvent” does not understand how solvents work. While CO2 is not a solvent, when it is transformed into its supercritical state, it transforms into a solvent. Thus, all CBD companies are using a solvent-based extraction method—the more important question is this: Are those companies removing the traces of the solvent used, and do they have the test results to prove it? BIXBI Hemp Oil is tested and proven to remove all residual solvents from every batch.
BIXBI tests every batch of hemp Oil for over 400 environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins (yeast/mold, microbial content, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, phthalates, parabens, BPA/BPS, acrylamide, glyphosate) – over 15x the industry standard. In addition, every lot is tested for cannabinoid potency (CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids).
Our commitment to testing has been recognized by the third-party Clean Label Project, who has given us both their Purity Award and THC-free certification.
They are GMP certified and ISO 17025 accredited. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited is the single most important standard for calibrations and testing laboratories around the world.
“Full spectrum” hemp extract typically refers to the least processed form hemp extract can take. It contains all the compounds found naturally in the plant — CBD, terpenes, and other cannabionids. For this reason, full spectrum is popular among people looking for more holistic products. However, full spectrum also has all the issues present in the starting material, including inaccuracy, contaminants like pesticides, and THC — the active chemical in marijuana.
Broad spectrum refers to a full spectrum product that has been processed to remove THC using chemical filtration techniques. The resulting product, if done correctly, will have the CBD and other compounds found in full spectrum but will lack the risk of THC and other contaminants like pesticides.