New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

The ball dropped. The confetti has settled. It’s time to focus on those New Year’s Resolutions and not just for you. No way, here at BIXBI we have you and your pup in mind, so we came up with a few resolutions to help both of you in the New Year.

1. Let’s Get Physical
We know it’s cliche, but let’s face it, there are very few of us on two legs or four that can’t use a little extra activity in our lives. An extra walk can be good, but make it something fun and set a goal to try a new hike or long walk once a week or once a month. Try something new and get a few extra steps in for you and your pup.
2. More Quality Time
Your dog doesn’t ask much of you. A few extra minutes of playtime or scratches can go a long way to let your pup know they are loved. It can also go a long way to relieve your stress and anxiety. So it’s a real win-win.
3. Learn Something New
There is an old saying about new tricks and old dogs, but it is just that, an old saying. The truth is, just like you, your dog never has to stop learning. Check out this list of 10 cool new tricks to teach your dog and make it a resolution to learn as many as you can this year!
4. Make New Friends
You can never have enough good friends. So why not resolve to make a few more for you and your pup. Check out local dog-friendly meet-ups and playgroups for you and your pup to get out and meet new friends.
2020 is going to be a great year for you and your pup! Have fun!