C-B-D for your D-O-G

CBD without the THC

Hemp Oil For Pets

THC Free | NASC Audited Member | Award-Winning Purity

The Science

Motor neural pathways inside dogs and cats enable communication between their brains and the rest of the body. Messages traveling down these pathways take the form of neurotransmitters – naturally synthesized chemicals that move from one nerve cell to another.

One of the body’s main support pathways is the endocannabinoid pathway. It helps with several important functions like sleep, pain, mood, memory, appetite and so much more. Bodies produce their own messengers for this pathway, but different cannabinoids like CBD can supplement these messengers. This allows CBD to travel down the endocannabinoid pathways and achieve a whole host of beneficial effects.

In dogs, CBD may: Support the body’s natural inflammatory response, assist in reducing discomfort, and help keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Our Commitment

Award-Winning Purity
At BIXBI, we have award-winning purity and test for over 400 environmental and industrial contaminants. Our rigorous commitment to clean and pure products has been recognized with the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award. Recipients must maintain compliance with the Clean Label Project Purity Award Code of Practice.

Unwavering Quality
Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is tested by two ISO 17025 accredited labs to verify nondetectable levels of THC, impurity free and accurate levels of CBD. ISO 17025 accreditation is the most well known and respected standard for calibration and testing labs.

Our Process

BIXBI harvests hemp grown in Southern Oregon using three strains of certified hemp seed. After the plants are harvested, they are transported to our onsite extraction facility.

Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is extracted using ethanol and column chromatography. BIXBI® uses ethanol-based extraction because it’s the safest method. Column chromatography allows for the removal of THC and other impurities commonly found in other hemp products. We test every lot to verify our product is solvent-free.

Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is tested by two ISO 17025 accredited labs to verify non-detectable levels of THC, purity and accurate levels of CBD. View batch test results