A new puppy! Is there anything better? (That's a trick question, of course there's not.)
With a new puppy comes a lot of new questions. BIXBI is here to help you with a few of those questions starting with what do I feed this pup?

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Here at BIXBI, we have an unwavering attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our mission is to create food for dogs that is second-to-none in nutritional benefit, taste and safety. We are different from other dog food brands in a powerful, unique way. Simply put, we only use fresh meat and never use meat meals commonly found in almost every other dog food on the market. We also produce in small batches and test for safety and efficacy. Our mission is to earn your trust through performance, not words, and to encourage you to ask questions and invest in your understanding of pet food nutrition.

BIXBI takes great care in developing recipes that are balanced for all ages with optimal protein levels, balanced nutrients and minerals and healthy sources of fats and fatty acids. We also make sure the food is easy to eat. RAWBBLE Dry is delicately processed in a way that allows it to be light and airy (compare it by breaking it in half in your hand). Our kibble is also smaller which allows for easy eating and digestion no matter what the age or size your dog is. RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried pieces are also easy to break up and become soft and juicy with the addition of just a little water. Most importantly, with all RAWBBLE, all that fresh meat means one thing to your pup, deliciousness. Fresh meat simply tastes better which is why our recipes are preferred by pups. 

Regardless of which BIXBI RAWBBLE you choose, rest easy knowing our protein digestibility is one of the highest in the industry (our brand average exceeds 90%)! BIXBI’s sky-high digestibility means your pup gets usable, whole food nutrition in every bowl. It’s a difference you will see and they will feel. 

You can learn about all three types of BIXBI RAWBBLE below.


Let's Get Started!

Fill out the form to let us know a little bit about you and your new family member! We will get you ready with some helpful information about puppy nutrition. We’ll also get you started with 20% off your first order!


BIXBI only sources high-quality, whole foods from the USA. We test each and every batch of our food and treats for Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria. Our products undergo rigorous testing for contaminants and environmental toxins such as BPA, lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium, pesticides, antibiotics and melamine.

BIXBI doesn’t just ensure we exclude the bad ingredients, we also make sure that the ones we put in are exceptional. We take part in feeding trials and other noninvasive extracurricular testing to ensure our products are the healthiest they can be with the most benefits delivered to your dog.

In fact, we conduct digestibility studies on our recipes and are proud to report  entire line of RAWBBLE has an average protein digestibility of over 90%!