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Choosing the right foods and treats for your pet can be overwhelming. And that’s why we created this page. Here, you’ll find more about the ingredients and processes we use and why we use them. It’s the kind of webpage you might want to dogear.

The future is freeze-dried.

If you’ve been hearing about the benefits of a raw diet for your dog, you’re not alone. Pet owners all over the country are transitioning to raw foods because they offer a balanced diet that’s made up of naturally sourced nutrients—not fortified with synthetically made vitamins. But raw foods can also be messy, inconvenient and take up a lot of freezer spacer. And that’s why at BIXBI, we freeze dry our raw food. So your dog get’s all of the benefits of a raw food diet—heightened energy levels, smaller poops, and skin, coat and health support—while you get the convenience of a kibble.

Nutritious Food

Dogs instinctivly thrice on essential nutrients from the whole animal. Rawbble is a balanced ratio of protein, bones and organs to support health. 

Kibble Topper

Adding Rawbble to your dog's kibble diet gives them an unmatched boost. Our freeze-dried technology locks in essential nutrients and the small pieces make it an easy addition to every bowl. 

Delicious Treat

With small, shelf-stable pieces, Rawbble is a great high reward training treat. Packed with essential nutrients, Rawbble allows you to treat your pup with the best when they're at their best. 


At BIXBI, we don’t just care about dogs. We care about all animals. And that’s why the poultry and meats in our Rawbble are humanely harvested and the fish is wild caught. Rawbble is free of grains, corn, soy, dairy, and eggs, which makes it great for dogs with allergies. And you don’t have to exclusively feed your dog Rawbble for them to benefit from it. Adding one scoop of Rawbble to a bowl of your dog’s traditional kibble nearly doubles the meal’s nutritional value. You can count on Rawbble’s recipes to be simple and safe. We source as many of our ingredients from the USA as possible, and when seasonality forces us to source internationally, we ensure that we never source from China or elsewhere in Asia. When you buy Rawbble, you’re not just supporting your dog’s health, you’re supporting your country’s health too. SHOP RAWBBLE >


Anytime you switch your dog to a food their body isn’t familiar with, it’s a good idea to do so gradually and to provide them with plenty of water at mealtimes. We recommend introducing Rawbble in 25% increments over the course of four weeks. If, at any point, your dog’s digestive system has trouble, repeat that week’s ratio until their digestive responses normalize.


Week 1: 25% Rawbble + 75% Current food
Week 2: 50% Rawbble + 50% Current food
Week 3: 25% Rawbble + 25% Current food
Week 4: 100% Rawbble


Dogs Instinctively thrive on essential nutrients from the whole animal – raw animal protein, bones and vital organs. Rawbble® is a balanced ratio of protein, fat, bones, organs, vitamins and minerals to support health.


Rawbble® can be conveniently stored in it's sealed bag at room temperature, without refrigeration. The small pieces make handling and daily feeding easy and great for training, treating and topping.


Rawbble® only uses USDA certified animal proteins from the USA. Our small batch freeze-drying technology locks in important nutrients, and our oxygen removal process ensures freshness in every bag.

• 98% Meat & Organs

• Poultry and Meat Humanely Harvested Using Temple Grandin Methods

• Grain Free & Gluten Free

• No Animal Meet

• No Added Fillers or Flavorings

• No Added Hormones or Antibiotics*

• No Artificial Perservitives

• No Rendered By-products

• Available in Small, Medium & Large Bags

• USA Made & Sourced

• USDA Certified Facility

* Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry


Supplements are like vitamins for your dog or cat. They help shore up their immune system and give their bodies a little extra fighting power against any illness that happens to come their way. SHOP SUPPLEMENTS >

What kind of mushrooms are in these supplements anyway?

Don’t worry. These aren’t the mushrooms you associate with the 60’s and acid rock. These are carefully selected, organically grown mushrooms. We only use the mycelium (or roots) of the mushrooms in our supplements. And every one of our supplements was formulated by BIXBI’s founder, James Crouch, in conjunction with an immunologist and veterinarian. They’re designed to act as a prebiotic in your pet’s body—creating a health ecology for your pet’s digestive tract. With a happy, healthy gut, your pet’s entire immune system becomes stronger and healthier too.

Why BIXBI mushrooms are better.

As mushrooms grow, they absorb the toxins and pollutants of their environment. And that’s why BIXBI mushrooms are grown under highly controlled laboratory conditions. The air in the lab is triple filtered. The crop is tested quarterly for over 130 toxins and contaminants. And the mushrooms are exclusively grown in Certified Organic Sorghum (white milo) that’s gluten free and has a guaranteed 95% conversion rate. Which means that the mushrooms digest 95% of the sorghum and the final product only has 5% sorghum. Other mushroom supplements are grown in oats, rice or other substrates that have lower conversion rates. Which means that other mushroom supplements end up with lower potency. At BIXBI, we produce best-in-class mushroom for your best-in-show pooch.

What is Natural Eggshell Membrane? And why is it in our Joints supplement?

Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) is an incredible, natural ingredient that’s derived from the eggshell membrane. It’s made up of naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, and key proteins, like collagen—which are all essential for creating healthy joints. NEM has been clinically proven to benefit connective tissues and cartilage in humans while helping to improve range of motion and flexibility. And there are no known negative side effects of NEM in humans or animals. So when you think about it, walking on eggshells might be a good thing.