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Not only is BIXBI® RAWBBLE healthy for your dog, it's healthy for your business.

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BIXBI's RAWBBLE line of premium food for dogs was designed to accomplish two simple, yet powerful goals: give pet store owners a unique line of foods they'd be proud to recommend and provide pet parents with affordable, extremely healthy options for their dogs.

The RAWBBLE Food Family combines a unique approach to canine nutrition in three convenient forms: Dry, Wet and Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs. We use fresh meat and poultry in our recipes instead of rendered meat powders. Why? Fresh meat and poultry are shown to have superior digestibility, high amino acid absorption and ensures every dog gets balanced, whole food nutrition at each meal.

70-74% of independent pet specialty retailers said their greatest fear is losing sales to Amazon & Chewy. Your consumer won't find RAWBBLE on Amazon or Chewy. They also won't find it in big-box specialty stores, supermarket/grocery chains or mass market stores. RAWBBLE is simply the best and most loyal dog food brand.