BIXBI Sample Box for Dogs


To help you start things off on the right paw, BIXBI has created the Sample Box for Dogs. Each box comes with an assortment of our top selling Liberty and Rawbble Dry Food, Rawbble Freeze-Dried Food, a bag of Bacon Pocket Trainers, a bag of Salmon Liberty Trainers, and a copy of Drool Magazine – making it perfect for taste testing and learning what BIXBI is all about! When you purchase a sample box you will also receive a gift certificate for $15 to use at once your pup has picked their favorite recipe. Plus, sample boxes ship for free!

Each Sample Box Contains:

  • Liberty Dry Food for Dogs – Ranchers Red Recipe
  • Liberty Dry Food for Dogs – Original Recipe
  • Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs – Pork Recipe
  • Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs – Chicken Recipe
  • Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs – Lamb Recipe
  • Rawbble Freeze-Dried for Dogs – Chicken Recipe
  • Rawbble Freeze-Dried for Dogs – Beef Recipe
  • Bacon Pocket Trainers
  • Salmon Liberty Trainers
  • Copy of Drool Magazine
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