Training Tips For Dogs

January is Train Your Dog Month! Training your dog can both strengthen your relationship and allow you more freedom to include your dog in your favorite activities. Plus, it’s always nice to have a few party tricks. A few things to remember when training your dog:
  • Dogs learn best in short training sessions. Instead of training for an hour straight, work with your dog in two, 10-15 minute sessions each day.
  • Set Goals. Before you begin training, decide exactly what it is you would like your dog to do. Celebrate successes towards your goal.
  • Remember to be patient. Your dog is learning something new and trying to figure out what it is you are asking! Introduce new tricks or behaviors in a familiar room in your house where your dog isn’t easily distracted. Once they have mastered the task in the home, you can start practicing in more distracting environments, like in the backyard, on a walk or at the park.