Switching YouR Dog's Food

A Few Steps to Success

The Quick Sniff

All of the above are guidelines. When in doubt, consult your local holistic veterinarian.

The Full Sniff


Transitioning your dog’s food is a scary proposition. Some dogs have steel bellies. No matter what you put in their bowl their body will figure out exactly what to do with it and make the necessary adjustments like nothing happened. As many of us know, that is not always the case. In fact, that is probably far more the exception and not the rule.

More likely, and certainly more memorable are the instances where their body isn’t sure of what to do with the new food and well, you know… Needless to say, anyone who has experienced this, or even knows someone who has experienced this wants to avoid at all costs. If you have recently learned how fresh meat, whole ingredients and industry-leading digestibility are all keys to a healthy happy pup, and you’re looking to upgrade your dog’s bowl to RAWBBLE, we have created some tips to make the transition as easy as possible

To switch your dog to RAWBBLE, plan for a slow transitioning period over 7 – 10 days. Start by adding RAWBBLE into your dog’s diet by mixing it in with their old food and slowly increasing the RAWBBLE amounts over the 7 – 10 days.

Begin to add RAWBBLE. Your dog’s bowl should consist of 75% their old food & 25% RAWBBLE.

Puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs fit into this category and have different nutritional needs from adult dogs.

Another 25%, now RAWBBLE should be the majority of the food in their bowl with only around 25% of the old stuff in there.

Hi-fives all around. Your dog is now officially eating the world’s best dog food! 100% RAWBBLE!

Pro Tip

Full disclosure, even with the transition, there could still be some “interesting” bowel activity depending on how sensitive your dog’s tummy is. 

Risk-Free Taste Test

Not sure if your pup is a chicken fan or more of a lamb connoisseur? Try a BIXBI Sample Pack. $10 gets you samples of our most popular RAWBBLE Dry and Freeze-Dried plus a $10 gift certificate good to use when your dog picks the recipe they like the best!