DROOL: When do you feel you first found success in the world of art, and how have you grown since then?
Max: In college I received an award with a panel of judges consisting of professors that I looked up to and learned a great deal from. Also, it made it more validating that they were successful creatives in their respective fields: photography, painting, graphic design etc. Since then I’ve grown by continuing to develop my own style, bettering my work ethic involving my art and inviting new ways to create!

DROOL: Did dogs help you discover your voice in art? If so, how?
Max: Dogs have helped me gain a bigger audience with my art through pet portraits and engaging the dog loving community. Also, the way customers react to my art when it’s their pet is very rewarding and creates an awesome connection. I’m calling it the FANG GANG. Whenever someone commissions me to do a pet portrait for them they automatically get a lifetime membership! It’s a community in a way and people are really taking to the idea.

DROOL: What about dogs attracts you to them as subjects for your artwork?
Max: Animals in general have always been an interest for me artistically because of their unique nature. For dogs, I enjoy personifying them in a way that mirrors their owner and using their larger than life, individual personalities as inspiration.

DROOL: What do you find most inspirational about dogs?
Max: They chase their own tail.

DROOL: Which do you prefer: dogs or people, and why?
Max: I like them both for different reasons! Dogs for the fun, spontaneity, companionship and boundless love. Who doesn’t love a furry best friend? Humans for art, music, literature, creation and thought! Of course both are not without their shortcomings. For example: a dog will show you endless loyalty and even protect you in a time of need, but when you don’t come home in time for dinner? Don’t be surprised if half the couch is missing! As for humans? Well, that’s probably why you got a dog…

DROOL: If you had to choose one dog breed to characterize who you are, what breed would it be and why?
Max: I’d be a pitbull. I’m often misunderstood but when you get to know me I’m easily trained and playful.

DROOL: Anything else you want to share with the dog-loving humans of Earth?
Max: Walk ‘em, treat ‘em, take ‘em out the hood, keep ‘em lookin good, and when they bark just feed ‘em.

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