Crunch. Pop. Crunch.

Because biscuits are basic


The average dog knows about 165 words. Although these 165 words differ from dog to dog, “treat” is fairly universal.
Every dog knows the word because every dog loves a good treat.
BIXBI makes great treats for great dogs.
No Boring Biscuits Allowed

BIXBI Bark Pops are the light and fluffy answer to the biscuit blues. These crunchy treats are baked to perfection and light as a cloud. Bark Pops are the perfect way to mix up your pup’s snacking when more common options just won’t do. Light, bite-sized and packed with flavor but not calories, you’ll hear satisfaction with every chomp and see it with every wag.

  • Great for Testing Your Dog’s Treat Catching Skills
  • USA Made
  • Crunchy Texture that Dogs go Crazy For
  • Human Grade – If Your Pup will Share
  • Low Calorie: Fewer than 4 calories per treat

Crunchy Dog Treats

Light & Crunchy | Human Grade | Low Calorie

Low Calorie Treats

Guilt-Free Treating
Here at BIXBI we like to treat our pups. Nothing quite like saying “good dog” with a scratch and a tasty snack. As much as we like to treat our pups, we also don’t want to see them putting on unhealthy extra weight. That’s why we have several options of treats under four calories. After all, a good dog should have a good physique.

Better Taste, Better Nutrition

Real ingredients provide the taste dogs crave
Every product BIXBI produces is thoughtfully sourced, made with minimal processing and is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Our commitment is not to a boardroom. Our commitment is to your dog’s health and wellbeing and we honor that commitment every day.