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Fresh Meat. No Meal.

We use only fresh meat because highly processed ingredients like meals limit nutrient bioavailability.

Don’t be fooled. Meat meals are not meat. They are a waste product marketed as a high protein ingredient. Denatured by several applications of high heat, meat meals are much less digestible than fresh meat. The multiple applications of high heat also allow for the use of extremely unsavory ingredients in meat meal, even as bad as using animals who have died from disease according to the FDA.

RAWBBLE Dry Food is the perfect combination of nutrition, quality ingredients, affordability and convenience. Our Dry Food line emphasizes digestibility and whole food nutrition in a limited ingredient diet. RAWBBLE Dry Food has fresh USDA inspected meat cooked at low temperatures without all of the commonly found gross ingredients like meat meal. This commitment to quality ingredients allows RAWBBLE Dry Food to optimize amino acid absorption, offer balanced fiber levels and present the right quality and quantity of fresh meat proteins.

Picky eater? Need a bit more protein in your pup’s diet? With 91-93% single-source meat, liver and broth recipes, our wet recipes are a perfect standalone as part of a balanced diet or as a tasty nutritious topper to dry food. As with all RAWBBLE, our wet never includes any meals, and is also free of industrial grains, tapioca, carrageenan and gum.

A balanced diet, topper or treat, RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried can do it all with 95-98% meat, organs and bone in a limited ingredient recipe. Packed with nutrients and flavor, all animal proteins are sourced in the USA except for our French duck (Mais oui!) and New Zealand lamb (Sweet as!).

A dash of delicious with a bunch of benefits, BIXBI toppers are the perfect way to combat a picky eater and add extra nutrition. Paired perfectly with a RAWBBLE dry recipe, our toppers are sure to keep the tails wagging and the bowls clean.

Dry Dog Food

Always Fresh Meat. No Meat Meals. | 90% Average Protein Digestibility | USA Made

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Ancient Grain Recipes

Wet Dog Food

91-93% Single-Source Meat, Liver and Broth | Always Fresh Meat. No Meat Meals. | USA Made

Freeze Dried Dog Food

95-98% Meat, Organs and Bone | Always Fresh Meat. No Meat Meals. | USA Made | Limited Ingredients

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There’s safe, and there’s S.A.F.E.™ One is an absolute must, and one is a philosophy. Bixbi’s S.A.F.E.™ diet philosophy on your dog’s nutrition includes purposeful ingredients, thoughtful sourcing, limited processing, rigorous testing and of course, incredible flavor. You see a bowl of exceptional dog food. We see years of experience and unrivaled focus on what’s most important – your dog’s health and well-being.
Our recipes aren’t just safe. They are also S.A.F.E.™
Superior Digestibility
Amino Acids
Fresh Meat. No Meal.®
Excludes Objectionable Ingredients