Picking the cover art for the first issue of DROOL was no easy task. It had to be something creative, something cool and most importantly, it had to have some dogs involved. When the team stumbled on John Vogl’s website, we found exactly what we had been looking for, only it didn’t just have some dogs, it had 93 of them!
John Vogl is a freelance illustrator living in Minneapolis, MN. His work is a mix of digital and traditional illustration, with a focus on evocative detail and a graphic sensibility. He works on a variety commercial, gallery, and self-published projects. His dog, Loki, is not very useful as a studio assistant, but still very sweet and cute.
The piece we fell in love with was entitled 93 Dogs.  John explained “I started drawing dogs as a palette cleanser from some of the commercial work I was particularly bored with. Growing up and now, I’ve always had dogs in my life. They’re goofy, sweet, and forever interested in whatever I’m doing, I’m honestly surprised I didn’t start featuring them earlier, but I went all-in with 93 Dogs.

He has worked with a number of cool companies and great people on projects, but, some of them including Target, AARP, Mondo, HP, Great Divide Brewing, Mountain Dew, New Belgium Brewing and Live Nation. Oh, and you can add BIXBI to that list now!

Check out more of John Vogl’s art at johnvogl.com.
You can also follow him and on Instagram @notjohnvogl.

Love 93 Dogs as much as we do? We have teamed up with John Vogl to produce a limited edition screenprinted poster of the DROOL cover featuring 93 Dogs. Each of the 200 posters will be signed and numbered by John. The proceeds raised will be donated to your choice of either Muddy Paws or Road Dogs & Rescue, both featured in Issue 1.

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