Got Meat?

Jerky, like healthy meat candy for your dog


The average dog knows about 165 words. Although these 165 words differ from dog to dog, “treat” is fairly universal.
Every dog knows the word because every dog loves a good treat.
BIXBI makes great treats for great dogs.
Perfect for Hiking the Trails or Hanging at Home

Sometime in the 1500s, a smart group of Incas known as the Quechua made the world’s first jerky. They called it “ch’arki,” which translates into “dried meat.” Fast forward a few hundred years and jerky has become the go-to fuel for countless road trips and adventurous spirits all over the globe. BIXBI brings everyone’s favorite Quechuan snack to your favorite four-legged sidekick, complete with its healthy protein, fresh meat and go-anywhere convenience.

  • Great as an Irresistible, Healthy Treat
  • USA Made and Sourced
  • No Artificial Preservatives or Colors
  • No Soy, Corn or Wheat
  • Original and Functional Options in a Variety of Proteins

Jerky Dog Treats

No Artificial Ingredients | 100% USA Sourced Meats | Functional and Original Recipes

Lifelong Nutrition

One brand for all ages

Every BIXBI product is made with recipes that support all life stages with optimal protein levels, balanced nutrients and minerals and healthy sources of fats and fatty acids.

Better Taste, Better Nutrition

Real ingredients provide the taste dogs crave
Every product BIXBI produces is thoughtfully sourced, made with minimal processing and is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Our commitment is not to a boardroom. Our commitment is to your dog’s health and wellbeing and we honor that commitment every day.