DROOL: When do you feel you first found success in the world of art, and how have you grown since then?
Adrienne: I first found my success in the artworld in the 1990s when I started a silk painting business, however the corporate world called and I moved to London and my art was put on the back burner for many years. I have only very recently reignited my creativity and started producing artwork again.
I am a British woman living and working in Hong Kong and although I would usually travel home to the UK to see my friends and family a couple of times a year, I have been unable to travel for almost 2 years now due to the pandemic and the strict quarantine rules in place in Hong Kong. This has been really hard mentally.
I started doing my dog art for a couple of reasons. Firstly as a distraction and coping mechanism during the pandemic when we were living with fairly difficult restrictions and secondly because my beloved Spanador, Winnie, died of cancer last year and I wanted to create an art piece to commemorate her.
I found the process of creating my artwork of Winnie so therapeutic and healing, that I started to create artwork of other dogs I love. I posted a couple of my pieces on my social media channels and the response was astounding. I was immediately inundated with commission requests for portraits of dogs who had either passed away or were still living. It has just snowballed since then.

DROOL: How did you discover your voice in art?
Adrienne: I studied art at Art College and University in the UK, specialising in textile design. I have always had a passion for vibrant colours, textures and patterns in my work. I love combining a variety of media, especially coloured inks, oil pastels, spray paint and textiles. My work has always featured a lot of different techniques (print, stenciling, painting, collaging, drawing). However, I have only, very recently, been inspired to create dog portraits.
Now, I wonder why it never crossed my mind to do this before as I have always been absolutely crazy about dogs and creating dog artwork fills me with so much joy and happiness.

DROOL: What compels you to keep driving forward as an artist? How do you aspire to grow as an artist this year?
Adrienne: Creating dog artwork not only fills me with so much joy and happiness, but it also brings so much joy, happiness and comfort to my clients. I have many requests from people who are grieving the loss of a beloved four-legged family member and they are looking for artwork that captures the pet they have lost, that they can display in their homes to keep their memories alive. I feel truly honored that I can provide some relief and support to people during such a sad time.
I also love chatting to my clients about their dogs, getting to understand each dog’s unique personality traits and then taking the information to shape each bespoke piece of art.
Talking about dogs, looking at dogs, creating artwork of dogs… This is the best job in the world!
Over the next year I am looking at additional creative techniques I can incorporate into my artwork so that my style keeps evolving and I don’t stagnate. For example, I am planning on incorporating silk printing within the next couple of months.

DROOL: What about dogs attracts you to them as subjects for your artwork?
Adrienne: I am completely passionate about dogs. I cannot pass a dog in the street without wanting to talk to it and pet it. I love that dogs are intelligent, they can read human emotions, they love you unconditionally and how every dog has a completely unique personality and set of foibles and traits. British people have a reputation for being obsessive about dogs and I’m no exception to that rule!

DROOL: If you had to choose one dog breed to characterize who you are, what breed would it be and why?
Adrienne: I am a Labrador Retriever – intelligent, friendly, outgoing, a strong swimmer and completely food-motivated!

DROOL:Which do you prefer: dogs or people, and why?
Adrienne: Dogs – they are loyal, they can read human emotions far better than many humans I know! They are always pleased to see you, they don’t judge and they love you unconditionally.

DROOL: Anything else you want to share with the dog-loving humans of Earth? Adrienne: If you want to see more of my dog art and my creative process, please follow me on Instagram @dogfaceart

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