DROOL: When do you feel you first found success in the world of art, and how have you grown since then?
Mulga: I launched myself into the world as an artist in 2012. I had my first art show, painted my first mural and started going to markets and selling tees with my art on them in that year. A couple of years before that, I did the digital thing by putting my drawing up on a blog page. After about two years of markets on the weekends and drawing every night and getting involved in whatever group art show I could, I quit my finance job to be a full-time artist in early 2014. That was a turning point and realizing one of my dreams of having a job I liked. I was lucky at the start that I was able to get involved in some cool projects that led to other projects. For example, I met a camera dude who worked at MTV in 2012 and that led to the first mural that I ever painted being filmed by MTV where they did a profile piece on me as an artist, that then led to me painting live at MTV parties in Melbourne and Sydney which led onto other cool projects.
Since then, I’ve continually tried to improve my art and I think that’s helped me get to collaborate with cool brands on some cool projects.

DROOL: How did you discover your voice in art?
Mulga: I found my voice through a lot of experimentation and making a lot of art. Finding your voice or ‘style’ of art can be super hard and there are no shortcuts. You need to put in the work. When I started out, I was doing a lot of animals and zombies and bearded dudes with flat color and detailed patterns, and over time it’s changed in that I use shading and draw a lot of characters wearing sunnies with a lot of summer vibes.

DROOL: What compels you to keep driving forward as an artist? How do you aspire to grow as an artist this year?
Mulga: I love the act of creating and being able to do it as my career is a dream come true. A big part of my motivation is making a living which allows me to provide for my family and have a good life with balance. This coming year I’ve been thinking about slowing down a bit and being more selective in what projects I take on.

DROOL: What about dogs attracts you to them as subjects for your artwork?
Mulga: Dogs are super chill creatures, and I love their enthusiasm and energy. Also, many of my dog artworks were commissioned by their owners, so I drew them. Usually, all of my artwork is made in response to a brief from a client. It’s pretty cool to get commissioned to make an artwork that I would enjoy doing even if I wasn’t commissioned.

DROOL: If you had to choose one dog breed to characterize who you are, what breed would it be and why?
Mulga: A Giant Schnauzer for sure, they are big and strong and hairy and have a sweet beard.

DROOL:Which do you prefer: dogs or people, and why?
Mulga: I definitely enjoy drawing dogs more than people, I think I like the hairiness aspect, drawing hairy stuff can be pretty fun, there’s a lot you can do with it. 

DROOL: Anything else you want to share with the dog-loving humans of Earth?
Mulga: To all you dog loving humans of Earth, I’m working on a collaboration with a dog tee company and I’ll announce it on my socials when it’s launched. It’s going to be pretty groovy.

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