Road Trip Essentials

The open road. Jack Kerouac wrote about it. Willie Nelson sang about it. We’ve all romanced about staking out on it. Letting chance dedicate our direction, visiting new locations and meeting new friends. And doing it all… with our dog.

The crew at BIXBI is all for it. Road trips are our thing, you saw the Airstream right? To help inspire your travels, we’ve pulled together a list of road trip essentials so that your pup can enjoy the open road as much as you do.

Packable Bowls

Lugging around a dog bowls for food and water isn’t the best use of limited space a road trip affords. Thankfully there are a number of foldable bowls out there that pack light and hold food and water well. Seattle based Filson makes an excellent collapsible bowl. Easy to pack and easy to use, plus it looks pretty cool too! Check them out at


One of the biggest sacrifices on a road trip is giving up the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own bed. Trust us, your dog feels the same way. Luckily our friends at Ruffwear make awesome travel blankets, beds and even sleeping bags. If you’re a good travel companion, maybe your dog will even let you share.

RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried

It’s our list. We had to promote one of our products, and what a perfect one for this list. RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried is the go-to bag for a road trip. Light, extremely nutritious, a balanced meal and a high-value treat. It’s a homer pick, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great one.

Photo Credit: Airstream


Ok, so we are a bit biased (see the Airstream link above), but to us, there’s nothing that screams American road trip like an Airstream howling down a highway. It’s classic, cool and comfortable. We know there are some amazing adventure vans out there, and we didn’t forget all those burly off-road trailers, but the Airstream is just so… Airstreamy.

However you and your pup choose to get out on the road, make sure to take pictures. Lot’s of them. Tag us in them too, we can always use a reminder to get out there and explore!



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