Arapahoe Basin | C-RAD

Tell us about a day in your life.

That very much depends on the season! In the winter, we wake up and head to A-Basin and both Erich and I get our uniforms on.  After that it is either a snowmobile right or a couple chairlift rides to our summit PHQ for morning meeting.  Once that is done, I get to rest for a bit while Erich takes care of some of his work.  Throughout the rest of the day we try to work in a mix of obedience and scent training. The best part of my day is the free time to run around the Basin summit and meet all the A-Basin guests!  During the summer, its all about hiking and swimming, but there’s also some scent training mixed in to stay fresh!

How long have you been doing this?

Erich’s been patrolling for 12 years and dog handling for over 5. I’ve been doing this my whole life!

What skill or trick are you most proud of?

My ability to find people under the snow.

Tell us something you've trained your human to do.

Be a more patient person!

Anything else we need to know?

Please feel free to say hi on the hill, but please be respectful of our space! It may appear that we are playing, but this may be a very important moment after completing a task. Please communicate with handlers before approaching any of the patrol dogs. Ski edges and dog paws do not get along well, so we always want to remove gear before approaching an avalanche dog, and leave extra space when skiing by our training. Thanks for helping keep our pups safe!

Favorite BIXBI Treat:

Hip and Joint Beef Liver Jerky

Favorite BIXBI Food:

Rawbble Chicken Recipe

Where should we visit to learn more?

Social Handles:

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